The promotion of Ukraine does not take into account the specificities of East Asia


The Ukraine promotion, including the Ukraine NOW brand, is designed for Europeans and Americans. It does not take into account the linguistic and cultural specificities of East and South-East Asia.

“All of our promotional programs in Ukraine, including our national brand, are designed for English speaking countries. They are aimed at countries who understand what Ukraine is NOW, UA. Unfortunately, English is not widely spoken in this region where I currently work, strange as it may sound. It is therefore necessary to create a promotion program in the language of a host country, ”Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan Serhiy Korsunsky said at the“ Ukraine 30. Image of Ukraine ”forum on August 3, reported a Ukrinform correspondent.

The diplomat noted that the literal translation of the mark would be perceived completely differently due to the content of hieroglyphics and words in the languages ​​of the region.

“This should be a separate area of ​​activity, as the specifics of languages, hieroglyphs and alphabets used in countries in the region have slightly different content. You have to be a little careful. The people involved in this should not only have knowledge of the Japanese language, but also understand all the details of its specifics, ”the ambassador said.

Additionally, Korsunsky stressed the need to change the messages when promoting in Southeast Asia. According to him, the leading countries in the region – China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam – require greater creativity in terms of regional specificities.

“The same goes for messages. Some of our programs… they contain points which will be very well understood by a European, a North American, but not understood everywhere in South-East Asia ”, underlined the diplomat.

As reported, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has launched UKRAINE.UA to educate the foreign public about modern Ukraine. The website has versions in English, German, French and Spanish.



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