London is getting a new promotion that will launch on PC in 2023


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Sometimes you just want to explore the desert on your own. but failure 5 years and 76 GoodAlthough multiplayer and Developed under harsh working conditions. Many are looking for the next big solo drops Experience closely observed the development Failure: LondonA great fan game developed as a major release for the PC version of Failure 4. And now, thanks to a new trailer, we know it’s coming out next year.

Saturday in charge Failure: London uploaded on youtube channel Four and a half minute trailer Several new model options are included, including a giant armed elephant, robots wearing goofy hats, devastated streets, and captivating ghouls. The trailer also confirms the modem’s current release window: sometime in 2023.

Fallout London – Official Trailer

Failure: London It takes place, as you probably guessed from the name and the trailer, in the famous city of London, UK. This project has a completely different feel to most drops The material was prepared in the United States and is filled with references and parodies of pop culture and classic Americana. Another interesting difference is that the legendary Vault-Tec and Vault Boy “don’t exist” in London. Instead, model developers offer another company that has built its own brand of nuclear survival shelters.

Failure: London Development started in 2017 with a small team, and initially it was supposed to be a much smaller modification. Since then, modifications have increased significantly Failure: Londonspecialization. the interview Ministry of Defense websiteand the Failure: London vanilla size Failure 4 British Parliament.

This situation looks so good that Bethesda noticed. Earlier this year, Stephanie Zakaria, lead author of Failure: LondonI left the project Made by Bethesda Game Studios.

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Ausfall 5 Das nächste Spiel der Bethesda Game Studios Nach seiner Entlassung Die Sheikh-Schriftrollen 6, Was erst danach freigegeben wird Sternenfeld Endlich kommt es raus (das recently postponed to next year).

Given the time it takes Bethesda to develop major open-world RPGs, it will likely take a decade to get there. failure 5 He sees the light of day. Fantastic fan-made adventures like Failure: London And just as great looking Failure: Miami This might be the next best thing for gamers who want more post-apocalyptic first-person RPGs. This, or you can just reboot Fallout: New Vegas for the thirtieth time.


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