Discounts for vaccinated people aim to increase incentive to receive COVID-19 vaccines, not discriminatory: Businesses


SINGAPORE: Singapore companies that have implemented discounts for customers vaccinated against COVID-19 said the benefits are intended to encourage more people to get bitten and are not discriminatory.

Food and beverage retailers and outlets are among the companies offering discounts, vouchers and giveaways to those who show they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Companies CNA spoke to said the benefits were meant to be “an extra push” to reward those who have been partially or fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Some customers who are aware of this support us quite a bit in this campaign because they have the same beliefs as us, believing that everyone should get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones,” said LBR Label Regina Creative Director. Pek.

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LBR Label, an online store, offers a 10% discount to customers who have been vaccinated. Those who have received a hit can receive a promotional code on the website.

The website, operated by healthcare provider Minmed Group, aggregates deals and offers from companies targeting people vaccinated against COVID-19. The group also operates four vaccination centers in Singapore.

The site has been operational since February, when Minmed began to set up its vaccination centers. At that time, there was “a lot of talk” about vaccine side effects and “apprehension” of receiving the vaccine, said Minmed executive director Sharmaine Chng.

Minmed website showing discounts. (Screen capture:

“We really felt that vaccination is an important part of winning the war against COVID-19. That’s why we wanted to do something a little more fun and… eliminate the negative perspective or the heavy talk about side effects, ”she said.

“Instead of focusing on the effects after the vaccination, maybe we can focus on ‘after I get my vaccination, I can actually enjoy certain benefits because I am vaccinated so that I can take advantage of certain offers from certain traders, “” Ms. Chng said.

The other reason to aggregate the benefits and discounts available to those vaccinated was to drive business for F&B outlets and retailers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the traders on the site are local businesses, she noted.

As of July 28, more than 3.2 million people in Singapore had completed the full vaccination schedule, according to the Department of Health.


The part-time cleaning service Helpling also launched a S $ 35 voucher on the website for fully vaccinated customers. They have seen 23 takeovers so far, said the company’s chief operating officer Zhong Jingjing.

“We think most people don’t know that, so not many people have agreed to the deal. We wanted to support the vaccination effort. Also, we understand that some people have side effects, so we would like to offer some help, ”she told CNA.

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The BlueSG carsharing service has launched a S $ 5 voucher for members who can prove that they have received their first dose or that they are fully immunized.

The initiative was launched after the government announced that people under the age of 40 were eligible to register for vaccination, which is the age group of the majority of its members, Ms. Jenny Lim said. , commercial and network director of the company.

“We wanted to do our part to raise awareness and increase community uptake of the vaccine among our members to create a safer ridesharing community. Therefore, we reward individuals even if they have only received one dose, ”she said.

discounts on vaccinations

BlueSG discount for people vaccinated against COVID-19. (Screen capture: BlueSG)

So far, more than 1,000 members have submitted their proof of vaccination and the company has received “a lot of positive feedback” from its customers, Ms. Lim added.

The Flash Coffee chain wanted to “offer a little incentive” to thank those who “do their part” by getting vaccinated, a spokesperson for the brand said.

Customers are entitled to a free cup of coffee when they present their vaccination record at one of its points of sale. To date, it has distributed more than 3,000 free drinks, the spokesperson said.

“As the vaccination rate increases in Singapore, we anticipate similar demand for our promotion in the coming weeks,” the spokesperson added.

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At the Peach Garden group of restaurants, customers can get S $ 5.60 off their total bill for each fully immunized dinner.

“We have proposed the vaccination promotion to encourage more residents of Singapore to get vaccinated as soon as possible. By getting vaccinated, they not only protect themselves, but also the people around them, making Singapore a safer place, ”said Managing Director Darren Yew.

Since launching the deal earlier this month, the catering group has recorded “a few” buybacks a day, Yew said.

“Customers are happy to be rewarded for their vaccines. They think it’s good that we are doing this to give back to the community, ”he said.


Multi-ministerial task force co-chair Lawrence Wong said on Monday he would review some COVID-19 restrictions early next month, but any easing of measures will only affect those vaccinated who are “much better protected” against the virus.

When asked if these offers for vaccinated customers could be seen as discriminatory, some companies were quick to point out that they were meant as a mark of appreciation or support for the rollout of vaccination.

The offers are non-discriminatory and unvaccinated customers can still purchase their products or use their services, they added.

“We do not consider this offer to be discriminatory. We compare it more to other marketing efforts that are carried out periodically for different customer segments, ”said Ms. Lim of BlueSG.

“Regardless of immunization status, our members will always be able to use our service. Most importantly, this award does not require our members to purchase anything or make additional rentals in order to qualify.

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Ms. Zhong from Helpling said it was intended to support government immunization initiatives and unvaccinated clients can still book her services.

Customers who complete the health declaration form and are doing well can still book the services of the platform, and new customers can still get a S $ 20 discount, she added.

The offers are not discriminatory because everyone has their own rights and beliefs, said Ms. Pek of LBR Label.

“It’s just a way we want to show our support for those who are vaccinated as a small token that they have (gone through) an obstacle, as a small reward after the whole process of pampering themselves,” she said. added.

Mr Yew of the Peach Garden Group said the promotions were aimed at encouraging and rewarding as many eligible people as possible to complete their COVID-19 vaccination.

“When more eligible people are vaccinated, it also protects those who cannot be vaccinated. Regardless of an individual’s vaccination status, we still welcome them in our restaurants, ”he said.

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