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March 28, 2022

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Choryan K. MedPro360: Top 10 mistakes practices make with their marketing. Submitted to: SECO; March 9-13, 2022; New Orleans (hybrid meeting).

Disclosures: Choryan declares to be a business development representative for Marketing 4ECPs.

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NEW ORLEANS — Having an underperforming website is one of the top 10 marketing mistakes optometric practices make, according to Kristin ChorianABOC, here at SECO 2022.

Choryan spoke as part of the MedPro360 program, of which Healio was the official media partner.

About 95% of current patients search the Internet, and 70% to 80% of consumers say they research a business before going there, Choryan told attendees.

“When was the last time you went to your website to see what it looks like and what is the loading time? she asked. “You could invest in advertising and then it dies when they land on your website.”

Think about what you want patients to do when they access your website, like watch videos, sign up for your mailing list, or book an appointment.

“These should be your action items,” Choryan said.

Clearly indicate on your home page what you are looking to develop.

Next, the “about us/our practice” and “our brands” pages come next in importance, she said.

Be sure to include photos and biographies not only for the doctors, but also for the staff.

“You want to give your patients the feeling that the people they meet in the office are on the website,” she said.

Include the logos of the brands you sell, with a brief description.

Have a designated services page that lists what you offer, highlighting anything that sets you apart, Choryan said.

“Your website is a 24/7 seller,” she said. “Make sure he sells what you want him to sell. When all search engines look at your website, they can see the last time it was updated. Make constant updates. Get help. Get feedback from your patients.

Other top marketing mistakes include:

  • not to advertise on Google;
  • not energizing social media;
  • not using their targeting abilities;
  • investing too much in traditional marketing;
  • not following proper sales funnel metrics;
  • not invest in YouTube advertising;
  • Set it and forget it;
  • not taking advantage of your current clientele; and
  • not spending enough to achieve the desired growth.

Identify your goals for 2022, Choryan told attendees.

“What areas of your practice will you focus on? ” she asked. “A new generation of potential patients? Patient retention? Optical sales growth? Growth of a niche or a medical service? This is the starting point when creating an ad. You can target the market to specific people and ensure that you communicate directly with them. »


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