Advocates rally as abortion ban comes into effect


“It’s going to be absolutely critical, it’s the first job,” she said. “And #2, we’re going to look at the actions of Congress on the national stage.

“Remember that after Roe, not only is there no longer a federal constitutional right to abortion, there isn’t much on the subject.”

States prepare for an influx

But proponents of abortion rights are also preparing their own strategy. Nonprofits and clinics in states where abortion will remain legal, such as California, New York and Illinois, are bracing for Roe’s downfall, expecting an influx of patients from other states.

Elevated Access, a new Illinois nonprofit that connects abortion patients with free flights to treatment, has solicited donations and volunteers to ferry patients across state lines. The National Network of Abortion Funds, which accepts donations to help pay for abortions and costs associated with travel and accommodation, said it experienced a site outage on Friday due to high website traffic.

“Knowing that this moment would come doesn’t make it any less devastating,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “But by stripping us of our rights, the Supreme Court and anti-abortion politicians have also sparked a movement. We are a movement that will not compromise on our bodies, our dignity or our freedom. We are a movement that will show up at every town hall, at every legislative session and at every ballot box to demand that we be treated as equal citizens.


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