A man shows affection for his dog at a traffic light and leaves the internet with tears in his eyes


Showing love doesn’t require grand gestures. This can be felt and seen through simple acts like caring for each other. Not only humans, but also animals need love and care. Unfortunately, it is often seen that stray animals like dogs and cats are abused or even hit by stones.

However, a recent viral video of a man petting a street dog as if he were part of his family has been doing the rounds on the internet. And we have to tell you, it will melt your heart.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by a social media user, and the caption read, “Love has no language. While I was waiting for the light to turn green, I saw this and I can’t control myself to shoot!”

The heartwarming video shows a man sitting on a cement block near a traffic light in Chennai. He was surrounded by two street dogs. As one sat next to him, another seemed in a playful mood, jumping onto a desk-like structure, making himself comfortable.

The man was seen petting the dog next to him with nothing but pure love. He checked the dog’s eyes, ears and back supposedly for ticks. The dog looked to appreciate the attention as he sat patiently

The short music video captured the hearts of social media users who flooded the comments section with love and kind words. While one Instagrammer commented, “the love was selfless,” another wrote, “The man seemed to love the stray like he was his own son.” The video has also been claimed as the best thing on the internet. The Instagram post garnered over 40,000 likes. The video proved that love does indeed require no language.

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